Welcome to Sleepers the new points system for account users.

With every purchase, for website actions and for occasions, a user with a MRR account will receive Sleeper points that are added to your Sleeper total.

With Sleeper points you can purchase products when your sleeper quantity matches or exceeds your purchase total. Sleeper points cannot be used with any other payment method as part of a payment.

Create an account and immediately receive Sleeper points, displayed when you login, so start collecting today.

Sleeper points are not transferable and only apply to use on this website. Sleeper points cannot be transferred into any currency or be used in cash/card transactions or as part of any other offer.

For every £1 spent the logged in user receives 1 Sleeper point. This value may be changed at anytime without notice.

We do not hold your payment details on this site, only details about who you are.